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With news and information being easily accessible at our fingertips, how do we determine what is fact or fiction? Does it actually matter? How does it affect the Muslim community and our community at large? In this instalment of the MClub Conversation series, participants will get insights into how to determine fake news and fake religious guidance, how it is created and how to fight it.

The world today faces the danger of deliberate online falsehoods creating divisions and misunderstandings within communities. In Singapore, we have seen how viral fake news content causes doubts, promotes distrusts, stirs controversy and reinforces religious and racial cleavages, compromising Singapore’s social fabric.

Fake news also affects our personal and community religious life. The porous nature of social media has led to the democratisation of religious knowledge. While this has empowered believers, the spread of false and problematic religious content may corrupt our personal religious practice and undermine religious community life in Singapore.

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Fake News, Real Consequences

held on 19th April 2018, The Pod @ NLB

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The Blossoming Islamic Start-Up Scene with Chris Abdur-Rahman Blauvelt

held on 25th January 2018, The Red Box

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Chris Abdur-Rahman Blauvelt is a passionate Muslim American entrepreneur committed to building up the global Muslim community to reach its full potential. Chris is the founder & CEO of LaunchGood, the world's largest faith-based crowdfunding platform and a leader in the burgeoning digital Islamic economy.

Since launching in 2013, LaunchGood has helped raise over $30 million for more than 3,000 projects across 100 countries, and has been recognized for their impact and excellence with the Islamic Economy Award (Dubai) and the American Muslim Consumer Conference Entrepreneurship award, as well as coverage on CNN, Al-Jazeera, and more.

Previously, Chris was an award-winning film producer (Bilal's Stand, 2010 Sundance Film Festival), founder of Patronicity, a successful American civic crowdfunding platform startup, and winner of the Magic Johnson Social Entrepreneur prize.

Chris is a leading thinker in the Muslim community, especially in the area of social entrepreneurship and Islamic crowdfunding, where he travels the world delivering inspirational speeches, including as a guest of the U.S. State Department in Malaysia and Singapore, ISNA, and SXSW. He advises several Muslim startups and organizations on creative initiatives. Currently, he resides in Dearborn, Michigan with his wife Amani and children Maryam and Omar.