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Mendaki Club | Leadership Incubator 2018

About LI


About LI

Leadership Incubator (LI) is Mendaki Club’s annual flagship program targeted at young professionals and tertiary students to help raise awareness and understanding of issues that matter to them, and to provide systematic training and developmental opportunities for them to contribute back to society. 

To date, LI has enabled 200 youths to champion various causes and community organisations, from education to the empowerment of women. They have gone on to start their own projects, volunteered with various community organisations, and made a difference in the community. 

We strongly believe that this common journey will strengthen trust & communication between our young leaders, creating strong networks and cooperation as they return to their own organisations and causes.





sAT, 21 JUL

28 jul - 15 sep

LI 2018

LI 2018 focuses on challenges that the Malay/Muslim community, and the larger society, will face in the future. While present-day issues are tackled, it is also crucial to also look at challenges that youths may face in the generation to come. Through this process, we aim to educate and empower youths with solutions, but also give them a greater appreciation of the implications such issues may have towards the broader society.

Important Dates

A journey that comprises two components:

This year, LI 2018 will seek to achieve these goals:

li hackathon

22 sep - 23 sep

LI 2018LI 2018 StructureLI HackathonFAQs

Look forward to a series of 6 workshops we have in store for you.

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Your chance to impress our judges with your creative, unique and practical solutions.

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A trip to Jamiyah Halfway House to have a better understanding of complexities of the issues the community faces.

Participate in a dialogue group session with Jamiyah management, its resident & Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Health, Mr Amrin Amin.

Our half-day workshops will take place from 28 July 2018 to 15 September 2018 on Saturdays. The workshops aims to:

How do you identify challenges of the future? How can you innovate solutions in the present? This workshop challenges you to put your thinking cap to the test.

Speaker: Mr Sesha Kanthamraju, Executive Director, Communications & Citizenship, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia & India.

Delve into the world of Nusantara, and understand the historical and societal perspective of the Malay community in Singapore and the region. Explore controversial issues such as discrimination and Article 152,  and examine the opportunities that lay ahead.

Speakers: Mdm Rahayu Mahzam (MP, Jurong GRC) and Dr Norshahril Saat (Fellow, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak)

a) Promote the process of experiential and first-hand-learning;

b) Provide a platform where youths are able to engage in discussions freely and to acquire knowledge from the experts’ opinion on specific subject matters; and 

c) To equip youths with the necessary skill set to prepare for the LI 2018 hackathon


28 July 2018, Saturday, 11.15am to 4pm

4 August 2018, Saturday, 9.00am to 1.00pm

25 August 2018, Saturday, 9,30am to 3.00pm

Can Muslims exist in a modern world? How do Muslims exist as minorities? Can we co-exist together with other races and religions in Singapore? Demystify these issues here.

Speakers: Mr Saif-ur-Rahman (Founder, Alchemy of Travel) and Mr Mohamed Imran (Interfaith Advocate & Founding Member, Leftwrite Center)

1 September 2018, Saturday, 9.00am to 1.00pm

Our professional coaches will introduce participants to the world of design thinking, a powerful tool to help participants find innovative solutions to the challenge statements through various methodologies. 

8 September 2018, Saturday, 9am to 2.00pm

The final leg before the hackathon! Learn the step-by-step fundamentals of pitching. Our professional coaches will prepare participants on how to sell an idea effectively and simply. 

15 September 2018, Saturday, 9.00am to 12.00pm

LI Workshops

Our hackathon tests participants to find solutions to real-life problems under pressure. Starting on 22 September 2018, participants will have 30 continuous hours to ideate, prototype, and pitch their solutions to a panel of judges. 

The winning group will walk away with $5,000 cheque if your project is effective and can be expanded beyond the LI.

Participants can choose two tracks for their hackathon when signing up, and will have up to July 31 July 2018 to switch tracks:

Participants can adopt a challenge statement provided by our project sponsors. Our project sponsors will share on their vision, their desired outcome, and the project that they’re looking for, and participants will be required to prototype a solution, and present to a panel of judges (including our project sponsor). We will reveal our project sponsors in due time!



Participants can choose a challenge statement from their own project sponsors. Participants may propose in the sign-up form or by July 31st the project sponsor that they desire to partner, which will be assessed by the sub-committee. Suggested challenge statements and projects cannot be for-profit, although for-profit organisations can be project sponsors if they aim to serve a non-profit purpose.

Track 1: Project Sponsors

Track 2: Open Track

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Hackathon Objectives:

What will I pick up in LI 2018 Hackathon?

a) Participants to be inspired and empowered to adapt innovative approaches towards these community issues.

b) Participants to be aware of the various opportunities and challenges facing the community, and show interest in furthering their involvement in at least one community issue.

c) Develop an enterprising and innovative mindset towards solving current problems.

d) Dissect a complex issue, create a prototype solution around the issue, and design a user-centric solution that fulfils the challenge statement crafted by the project sponsor.


1. What is the application process like for LI 2018? 

Register your interest at the link and fill in the necessary questions. You can either sign up as a group, or individually. We will assess, and send you an email on 22 July to inform you if you or your group have been accepted.

2. How do we choose LI participants? 

We look for individuals or teams with a passion to serve others and the willingness to try something new. Participants must be willing to ask questions, have their thoughts challenged, and are willing to think of innovative solutions. We will assess your applications, and inform you by 22nd July if you are successful. We reserve the right to reject your application if it is incomplete or unsatisfactory.

3. What is the level of commitment required for LI? 

LI will involve 6 workshops and 1 hackathon session over a period of 2 months. All the events are held on Saturdays. Each team must fulfill 80% attendance collectively for the 6 workshops to qualify for the hackathon. This is to ensure sufficient team representation and exposure to the workshops, yet at the same time to balance with personal exigencies (e.g., falling sick, personal matters). Teams who fall short of the attendance criteria may appeal, which is subjected to the sub-committee’s discretion.

80% group-based attendance of workshops is required to qualify for the hackathon.

There will be a credit system designed to track the attendance of each group. For example, In a group of five, each member will have 6 credits (1 credit per workshop) which will amount to a total of 30 credits per group. 

Groups are to hit a 80% attendance rate where failure to do so will disqualify the group from competing in the social hackathon.



Scenario A:

One member of the group decides to skip all 6 workshops. Other 4 members of the group attended all 6 workshops

Total credits obtained: (4 x 6) + (1 x 0) = 24 credits

Qualified to participate hackathon

Scenario C:

2 members decides to skip all 6 workshops. Other 3 members attended all 6 workshops

Total credits obtained (3 x 6) + (2 x 0) = 18 credits

Scenario B:

All members of the group decide to skip 1 workshop each

Total credits obtained (5 x 5) = 25 credits

Qualified to participate hackathon

Disqualified from participating hackathon

Participation Criteria


Interested? Join us!

Have a question about Leadership Incubator? Drop Lina an email to [email protected] or direct message us via our Mendaki Club Facebook page and we will get back to you shortly.

Programmed by:

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We look for curiosity, a passion to serve others and a strong sense of determination. Experience volunteering in the community is helpful but not critical.

Please submit this application by Saturday, 21 July 2018

Register now  for a meaningful learning experience with us.  

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We look for curiosity, a passion to serve others and a strong sense of determination. Experience volunteering in the community is helpful but not critical.

Please submit this application by Saturday, 21 July 2018.

Interested? Join us!

4. Do I get to select my own project group or will I be assigned to one? 

You’re free to form your own project groups. You are also invited to sign up alone. We can assist you to form a group. You may inform us of any changes up to your group members up to 28 July. 

5. Who can sign up for LI?

You must be between 18 to 35 years old. Regardless of your background, gender, race or religion, we want you if you have a passion towards issues faced by the Malay/Muslim community.

6. Is there a sign-up fee?

Nope. It’s all on the house.

7. Do I have to prepare or study for LI? Will it take up a lot of time?

There isn’t any preparation involved. It will be beneficial to have some knowledge about issues faced by the Malay/Muslim community, but that itself is not a pre-requirement. All you need to do is to attend the workshops, and give your 100% during the sessions (our workshops are half-day long). As for the hackathon, it will be held for 30 hours straight. However, participants can choose to go home and return the next morning to continue. Teams may choose on the best formulation for themselves.

8. I don’t have a group. Can I participate?

Yes you can! Sign up as an individual and we’ll match you with others to form a team.

9. We don’t know how to hack. Are we disadvantaged?

One of the main draws for our Leadership Incubator is the wealth of experience that mentors provide. Throughout the hackathon, mentors will be available for participants to tap on for support.  

10. How do you decide on the winner?

A panel of judges will be present on 23 September to score your team’s proposal. The rubrics will be shared with participants at a later stage. The team with the highest cumulative score from the judges will be the winner, and so forth. 

11. What happens after LI 2018 is over?

If your project sponsor is in favour of your prototype/proposal, we will link you up with the sponsor to continue working on the project together. You may also explore other opportunities with Mendaki Club, through the various projects that we have.







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